How To Secure A Brighter Futurek?

“Obtain a degree without giving up your job. Invest in an MBA that starts at only SGD 485/month and spend less than 3 hours per week to study!”

Vanguard College makes it easy for busy working professionals and entrepreneurs to secure their future by slashing tuition fees and reducing study time to fit their schedule.

    Vanguard College is here to help! We help our students by:

    slashing the tuition fees

    Why pay full tuition fees when there are ways to reduce it? A great way to start is to possess an MBA degree through Vanguard College’s coaching.

    Extensive academic support

    Vanguard College provides extensive support for your MBA application, academic coursework and exams.

    Reduce your study time

    Studying with Vanguard College reduces your academic/study time to just 2 hours per week. Our extensive summary and tutorial assistance makes your Work-Life-Study balance possible.

    Save time and money with vanguard!

    Getting Your mba WITH US and upgrading your life will cost a fraction of what it typically cost

    How much
    is an mba worth?

    CNBC reports that 42% of the people are falling behind as Covid-19 widens the Wealth Gap between the haves and have nots. A bachelor degree is no longer sufficient. The competition is heating up for those without an Advanced Degree. According to, an MBA graduate earns, on average, USD 82,732 per annum. Hence, the need for at least an MBA has never been greater.

    Some of Vanguard College's Ex-Students

    Tang Huoren COO, GWG Consulting

    Vanguard College was SUPER easy to communicate with, and SUPER helpful in my studies. I cannot be more thankful and have no doubt in recommending Vanguard College to any potential students!

    Huang Qigang Senior Partner, Ellington Financial

    It was a pleasure studying with Vanguard College. I came in with a Bachelor Degree and left with an MBA and MFin, and a bump in salary and grade! Highly recommended!

    Jack Huang Partner, Cove Pitch Inc.

    Vanguard College was awesome! I’d be glad to recommend them to my employees, friends and family anytime. It was so easy to balance work, life and academic requirements with their assistance. Highly recommended!

    Olivia Han COO, Albany Quotient Co.

    Vanguard College is an absolute joy for working adults at the managerial level. I always wanted my Master degree but couldn’t find the resources (time, money and effort) to do it. Vanguard College helped me make it happen.

    Mohd Naazim Salam CEO, CapWealth Holding

    VC was fantastic! They helped me saved a ton of money! I never knew that a letter from my previous employer could get me a scholarship to offset my tuition fees! And it is indeed a great upgrade (both career and degree wise) for me!

    Mohd Amjad Faris CEO, Harpoon Tri-R Ventures Fund

    It was my pleasure to provide VC a review. I respect their business model, their academic communication services ran smoothly and, most importantly, I found a job with their help!

      The vanguard advantage


      • Most of the study is done online or distance, saving you travel cost, foreign accommodation cost, and time.
      • No permanent relocation required.
      • Continue working while studying. This means that there will be no reduction in your income.


      • Minimum time commitment when studying with Vanguard College. You will just need to commit 2 hours per week during term time; Vanguard College simply synthesises the coursework into easy to follow instructions for you to complete your assignments in no time.
      • Flexible payment terms. You can pay in instalments of as low as SGD 485 per month!
      • Complete the program having earned your MBA from WUV/SSM/UWTSD.


      • Get the chance to connect and network with a pool of MBA Alumni who are professionals and experts in their respective fields.
      • Seize the International Career Placement opportunities with the Alumni Associations at the different universities.


      • Assist in the search for senior management jobs in Startups and Special Purpose Vehicles of Private Equity Firms upon graduation.
      • A typical MBA cost at least SGD 20,000 (school fees alone!). If you sign up with Vanguard College, you will pay only a fraction of that price!
      • Get a salary bump after you earn your MBA degree!


      • Studying with Vanguard College can result in savings of more than 20% on the school fees listed on the university’s website!
      • School fees can be paid in instalments.


      • We are in the business of professional tuition, networking and recruitment. Our main revenue source is the recruitment fees that we will earn when we place you into highly sought after jobs.
      • Our prices are lower than the listed tuition fees because our revenue model allows us to invest in you. Your career placement is more important to us! When you do well, we do well.
      • We hope to create a solid networking model between current and ex-VC students that will generate future cashflow in terms of future career opportunities, business prospects and incubation of entrepreneurs and startups.

      Frequently asked questions

      Not at all in today’s world of internet and online learning. In fact top universities like Harvard and MIT have been leading the way on online degrees for years. The degree awarded to you looks exactly the same as compared to someone who completed the same MBA program on campus.
      Most of our students complete the MBA program in 1 year.
      Designed to be accessible by students world-wide, there is no requirement to be on-campus. You may however choose to graduate on-campus should you wish to when the time comes.
      Plenty, kindly refer to the PDF Infosheet (sent to your email when you register your interest) for the full table of advantages studying with Vanguard College.
      Nothing. We take the placement fee from the company you are placed in. You do not pay us a single cent for your placement.
      Flexible payment options are available to meet your financial needs. You may pay as you progress along the course. Do note that we charge a one-time application fee of US$100 for all applicants to cover screening and administrative cost.
      Based on the past experiences of our students, handling the courses takes as little as 2 hours per week during the academic terms with our assistance. Students studying without our support typically spend 20-30 hours per week. We have been there and done that as students, and we are here to tell you EXACTLY what you need to do to graduate with your degrees. No more, no less.
      You would not be bound, but we will sign the first right of refusal with you for the same employer that we place you in. This means that if we get you a placement with employer X, and another headhunter gets you the same placement with employer X, we will have the first right of refusal against the headhunter. This occurs only if we get you the placement first. If you or the headhunter got you the placement with employer X first, we will not place you with the same employer. This first right of refusal will kick in on the final semester, and will last for a period of 6-months after your graduation. For example, if you graduate in 20th May 2022, our first right of refusal would cease after 19th November 2022. For avoidance of doubt, the 6-month period starts on the day of graduation that is printed on your degree or transcript, not the day that you received the physical copy of your degree.
      Some of your working experience can be converted into credits for the courses in the MBA program, so with our help, you can get these credits converted so that you end up taking fewer modules in your MBA program. Note that not all of your work experience can be transferred as they are subject to the university’s approval, and there will be no reduction from our listed price if you end up taking fewer modules.
      A MBA dissertation (or thesis) is usually around 15,000-20,000 words. We will advise you accordingly in due course.
      Yes. We will be disappointed, but we also understand that it takes two hands to clap.
      We have limited enrolment for this option. Please check with us for more information.
      You may reach us by phone (+65 6972 8598) or drop us an email at

      More reviews on the vanguard experience

      Wei Yeh Current VC Student

      I love this place. It's literally my home now. The students are passionate, the classes are fascinating, the professors are encouraging, and the classes are academically stimulating. It's an incredible learning environment, and I feel lucky to call myself a VC student!

      Yong Tsao Current VC Student

      My experience so far at Vanguard College has been fantastic. The administration is doing a very good job to foster our online community, even among these tough times. I most especially love the academic flexibility and the wide variety of courses that VC coaches on and offer. This is truly the best place for people who are curious and love learning.

      Sheng Kuo Ex-VC Student

      Reputation and learning experience well-earned and deserved. You will not get a better college education anywhere else! The amazing professors are really what make the college so great! They hold each student to high expectations and help them achieve them.

      Chi Fang Current VC Student

      I love everything about VC. Tailored courses, helpful instructors, easy to follow online environment, affordable tuition fees, and user-friendly learning platforms are just among the many great things that really stood out for me. I am almost graduating from one of the top university in the world and have no regret this far!

      Toby Mahmood Current VC Student

      I have been learning online for several years through several institutions, and by far the Vanguard College online platform is the most straight forward and supported. I appreciate having all my class material in one place within the portal, as well as the Student online portal that makes it easy to access all other material.

      Harry Fox Ex-VC Student

      I loved the environment and the teachers, especially my professors. I really got a chance to connect with Vanguard on campus, while having the awesome opportunity to learn and study in Harvard’s campus! I loved their teaching methods; they really let us explore the topics we covered, by ourselves, and with our own interest. They gave us constructive criticism and we gladly grew and flourished in that environment.

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